When it comes to the issue of grabbing and taking chances in places or situations where you can get caught red-handed, I gave that up years ago. It's why I only do my nasty a few, choice times a year. I've had only two true brushes with trouble in the decades I've been at it, but thousands of outings with no trouble at all. Those outings have reduced to a crawl, but I get the most out of them when I do. I'll say it again: concerts, at least the ones I attend, are the safest way for me to get off. And even though I'm older, I do it in a way where I'm accepted, very few onlookers ever cause a problem. I've been asked why I was attending some (just a few) shows, but a quick lie gets me by. "You like this artist?" Might be a typical question, and I'll tell them with a quickness "never heard of them. But my daughter (or son) is here with friends and I got separated" is a good answer and usually ends up with a counter response of "Oh, you're a cool dad). End of story. So for grabbing or whatever, who will know whose hand (or dick) it is when there's a hundred of them in the vicinity? And I've had some of the nasty little sluts take advantage of the situation and cozy up in my crotch to boot!

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