@guest (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)


Except for that recent mistake, I'm mostly dormant. I don't go out of my way for anything. Women come after me, always have. Cops used to know me, I've been chased before, a cop flashed his neck badge, etc. But luckily, I pretty much stopped. But like gambling, you need to know when to get out. I see alot of guys, especially older guys, obviously waiting at the train station for a crowded train for before boarding, forcing their way behind young girls, etc. Ny transit is not safe for this. Be careful. Like i said, i don't act, but if the women come for me, I dont stop them. Why would I? I wish more women would molest me at work. I have one senior dir who routinely touches me every day. She comes down over my shoulder to look at myscreen, and I can obviously feel her warm soft breasts. When she passes by me in lunchroom, I feel her hips swipe my shoulder every time. A couple of times she accidentally brushed her hands on my legs. I know whats going on, and i live this molestation. Often she stares in my eyes longer than necessary. She always fixes her hair when sitting in front of me in a meeting, raising her arms, exposing her breasts (yum). Many times I catch her staring at me from a distance. I even caught her staring at me from across the street overthe weekend. If she wasn't married, and I wasn't with my girl, I'd be bagging that.

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