Fun on the Tube yesterday

I had a VERY brief, consensual, chikan encounter yesterday evening on a busy, but not jam-packed, subway train.

It's cold here these days so most people are wearing long, thick coats, which obviously tend to thwart chikaning activities. Because there are so few butts to be seen right now, Mr Chikan's attention is grabbed by any that actually do happen to be on show.

So I'm waiting on a semi-busy train platform, scanning it for any opportunities - but as usual it's just coats coats coats and more coats. Then at long last I spot a pert butt, clad in tight black jeans. The buttocks were owned by a quite tall, slim, mousey-haired, mid-20s woman who's wearing a short jacket that, thankfully, doesn't cover her ass.

Yes! Her ass was literally screaming at me to follow and/or try. I heeded the call.

Slightly encouraged by the super-brief yet "warm" eye-contact we'd shared as the train had arrived, I boarded the carriage just ahead of her, hoping against hope that she'd be standing close by once we'd boarded. Thankfully she did end up very close by, but unfortunately we weren't in my favoured back-to-back position.

Instead she was just to my right, facing me. My right shoulder was practically in between her boobs (remember she was very tall) and she was looking directly at the right side of my face. I just stared straight ahead, deliberately avoiding all direct eye-contact. My right hand, holding my phone, was dangling down by my thigh just an inch away from the fronts of her thighs.

As soon as the train moved off I tested the water by accidentally-on-purpose letting the back of my hand softly graze against her jeans-clad thighs, while I nervously held my breath.

No reaction from her - she didn't flinch or inch back after the soft, barely there contact! Encouraged, I decided to up the ante and push my luck a bit. I did the touch again but this time I increased the pressure that the back of my hand applied to the tops of her thighs, just under her crotch.

Amazingly, she instantly matched my pressure by subtly easing her body forwards too, all with zero eye-contact between us. However, I could see from my peripheral vision that she was looking straight the side of my face. My heart-rate sped up and my dick instantly stiffened!

This joint effort of full-on mutual pressing continued for maybe 20 seconds, during which time my hard-on was seriously bulging in my jeans. The back of my hand could clearly feel both of her closed-together thighs, it was very sexy sensation that she was allowing this.

As I've said before in this forum, I think it's the "complicity" factor that most turns me on; the consensual side of it all. In such encounters you're both playing a highly erotic, very brief sexual game with each other that even people literally standing right there are unaware of. It's beautiful, sexy and powerfully arousing when it happens.

Anyway, because I knew that the train would soon be arriving at the next station (at which point the game, this little "spell", would no doubt end as passengers jostled by and seats became available) I quickly decided to go for broke.

The back of my hand was still wedged between her thighs, just below crotch level, so I slightly went up on my tiptoes in order to slightly raise the back of my hand so that it was now resting against her pussy - over her jeans obviously. Brave move!

As soon as she felt my subtle movement upwards she instantly pushed forward haaaaard, so that she was now jamming her pussy right into my knuckles as I pushed my hand into her crotch.

So so so arousing! I almost shot a load due to the strength of the adrenaline rush. This joint, forceful straining against each other lasted all of maybe 10-15 seconds, just as the train entered the next platform. As the train came to a halt we both eased away from each other. I sneaked a quick glance at her face (for the first time really) as she sat in a seat that had become vacant but she avoided eye-contact. She definitely looked "flushed", rosy-cheeked. I left the train. Wow!

I've given a long description here of a brief encounter that, in actual time, probably lasted only two or three minutes tops! While I obviously appreciate that moments of high arousal like this don't compare to the music concert, full-on, "bare exposed dick rubbing on ass until you spurt" encounters that you chikan masters frequently enjoy, they're nonetheless extremely enjoyable liaisons for me at this stage in my frotting journey.

Having said that, one evening last summer on an extremely jam-packed train I actually did shoot a load in my jeans, which took me by surprise because nothing was rubbing on my dick at the time - it just suddenly spasmed all by itself and whoosh!

A blonde, slim, mid-30s woman wearing black jeans and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me, with our backs both pressed up against the carriage's doors, had been more or less "sitting" on the back of my hand, the palm of which was back against the door. As she felt my hand underneath her she took advantage of how incredibly crowded the train was and actually rubbed her crotch very forcefully down against my knuckles for about a minute, causing my involuntary spasms. But that's another story.

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