I just recently had 2 of the BEST DAYS OF CHIKAN in the my LIFE.
Sunday I worked a renown famous clubs crowd of females trying to get in, in particular this tall (5'10) blonde with huge titans and large, ROUND PHAT ASS and she was a STRIPPER come to find out and she was totally game even even the crowd coverage came out. I pulled my shit out on her and she bent over to fake-adjust her tight ass short dress pressing all into the stuffy hella hard while her friends giggled (strippers too).

The next night it was the big stripper fest where I saw her and armies of phat round ass bootys EVERYWHERE.
It was so many to choose from, but I moved up to the main stage where dudes was throwing out thousands of ones for a LONG PERIOD of time.
There I groped, palmed, slid a flat hand between, and even window swipe and bumper bumped a lot of the phat asses passing by the narrow packed area back n forth.
I finally got behind a thick curvy booty red bone black stripper who stopped passing by and decided to turn facing towards the stage and moved a little closer to the money being thrown.
I pulled my shit out and got to work immediately, no reaction to RAW PIPE on her except for softly grinding/dancing to the dick that was smashed against her ass cheeks.
After a few short minutes out of no where a carame, almondshaped eyes girl who was a patron to the event with a SILK THIN SHORT DRESS pushed her way in between us and took her place and begin to gyrate her ass cheeks up and down on my shit, then she started going up and down in a jerk off type of motion with her medium size round patty, a bmtad bit above slim curvy frame all into my pole while whispering to one of her friends ears giggling saying "girl he got his dick out " as I shot a "rope" of pent up baby batter straight down onto the floor.

One of the best chikan experiences I had in over a year and hopefully more to cum since spring break is on the horizon.

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