Night ruined

So I've waited nearly a month to go to the rave I wanted to go to, and it was a quick roller coaster of emotion. So many hot girls in tight/revealing rave-wear ready to be groped and the place was small so everyone was packed in. Got super horny just seeing the girls while waiting in line, the anticipation was killing me.

Once inside people were already crowdsurfing which was chaotic with waves of people being shoved into each other. I started groping this girl in leggings who seemed to be alerted so I backed off. Saw her talking in her friend's ear while eyeing me,then they went of away in the opposite direction. I separated myself in case they came back, but the crowd was so dense I was stuck at the back, trying to maneuver myself in.

Saw this girl with huge tits in front of me and went to work, and with the crowdsurfers pushing back she fell right into my lap. After not long I came and the girl worked her way further into the crowd. It was a record since I was only there for like 10 minutes, but a few minutes later some girl started shaking my arm, telling me to "chill out". I thought nothing of it at the time, but figured she may have seen me groping. Several minutes later I don't see her or her friends, so I figure I'd go to the bathroom and lay low for a bit. Then I see 2 girls (probably her friends) pointing at me while talking to security. Tried to slip past security, but he took my arm and escorted me out.

Wasn't even there for 30 minutes, it definitely would've been a triple nut night if I got to stay. I was too eager and didn't wait long enough. Had I integrated deep into the crowd before starting, I wouldn't have to worry about looky-loos. But there's another rave this month, so I have a 2nd chance. 4 years and I've never seen girls that nosy before...maybe the MeToo movement is affecting the game more than I thought. Most times girls see a stranger getting groped they ignore it, and when they get groped they either laugh it off and move front in front of you. But in this game you can't assume all girls are the same, gotta analyze what type they are.

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