But the thing is, nobody was boasting. You suggested that my version of frotting is neither exciting nor satisfying, since I don't cum during it. I countered by saying that I cum frequently during actual sex, therefore I honestly don't feel the need to cum via the frotting thing.

Not a boast, but a fact. *shrugs shoulders*

[note to self: perhaps it'd be best not to mention "shoulders" right now; wouldn't want to get Mr ArmHumper here all heated up]

Also, I actually do get lots of excitement and satisfaction from the frotting I've done, so you missed the mark there too Mr ArmHumper.

I suddenly appreciate the sense in this forum's "Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there" central advice. With that in mind I hereby bow out of this nonsense conversation. I'll give you the final word, which something tells me you're craving.

You have the floor, Mr ArmHumper. Give it your best shot. However, please please please don't send us to sleep with yet more mind-numbingly boring "calculations" and empirical "data" (hahaha, absolutely hilarious) on precisely how many times you've cum against the shoulders of underage schoolgirls over the past week, month, year or whenever. Zzzzzzz!

I like this forum, so I'll continue to log in now & again. Hopefully I'll soon have some public transport adventures to report here, especially once the weather improves; there are still way too many thick, long overcoats being worn. If I manage to attend any music concerts or festivals in the coming months, that should also prove fruitful.

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