ArmHumper's "light"

Well I have lots of sex - as in actual sex where my dick moves in & out of actual real-life women's pussies. I cum frequently. I don't often feel the urge or need to masturbate at all, let alone be masturbating against the shoulders of little girls, Mr ArmHumper.

The frot thing for me is a new thrill, and an addictive one too. In my opinion frotting doesn't necessarily have to be about having an orgasm at the end of a groping encounter.

Thus far I've found it great fun to do what I do. It's an enormous adrenaline rush when a total stranger on rush-hour public transport is discreetly yet very definitely allowing my finger to pass between her legs, usually from behind - ie my finger has gone between her ass-cheeks.

It's exhilarating to feel her forcefully pushing back or bearing down on my finger that's on her pussy (over the material of her clothes), fully "underneath" her because she's subtly adjusted her leg stance to allow it, for a few blissful seconds/minutes while other passengers standing right there are completely unaware.

It's like a highly erotic private game that only she and I are aware of, our little secret for those few, all-too-brief moments. It's just wonderful.

And it's enough for me. Although many in this forum may disagree or feel that I'm missing the point, I personally don't feel the need to cum from such encounters - but to each his own.

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