Re: Sneaky

Regarding the girl bumping you from behind: a few years back I had a girl doing that while I was working two girls in front of me at a crowded festival. She kept bumping with her hands, tits, hip, excusing herself so often it was annoying me After a while it dawned on me that maybe she was hot and bothered by what I was doing to the girls in front of me. So, being a seasoned chikan that I am, I stepped to the side and backed up enough to left her some space in front of me. Of course she took the bait. She was Asian- perfect height with a nice set of jugs and shorts on. I dove right in that ass. Didn't have to "test the waters" because I knew what the deal was by now. Before long I was grabbing her by the hips, dragging her ass across my groin and digging all up in her crack, dick out! At one point I reached down and positioned my member against her bare thigh while pinching her. I wanted her to know I was the wrong one to mess with. Her left hand was dangling down to her side, so I let her touch it. I wanted her to play with it but that she wouldn't do. But as I got back into thrusting in her cheeks she "started moanin' and gobblin' like ah turkey" (as Ice Cube said), and I increased the humping. At this point those around us had to think we were a couple, because she had her eyes closed, head back, and was saying "ooh that feels so good" just a little too loud! Needless to say I busted what must have felt like a water balloon-full of cum on her, making sure I got it on her right thigh. I kept grinding into her until there was no more left, then I slowly backed off of her and left the venue. I'm hoping I can get another freak like her a few times this year, as I'm already slated for a few festivals already.

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