Correction: autistic

For the record, I didn't actually accuse anyone of being autistic. I posed a genuine question that was based on the fact that, through the experiences of a couple of friends who have autistic kids, I know a little bit about how autistic brains work.

Taking Cheeky's "10x easier" throwaway comment so literally spanks of textbook autism, hence my question.

ArmHumper seized on Cheeky's "10x easier" comment, which was clearly meant in a general, not literal, sense and then launched into quoting a wholly unnecessary and weird set of "data", listing uninteresting historical tallies for his efforts in masturbating against.... shoulders (a significant number of which seem to be owned by underage girls too, it must be said).

Actually, on that subject, I do wonder how often other passengers notice what you're up to, Mr ArmHumper. From what you've said I'm guessing that nobody has ever in all your active years raised the alarm or said anything, right? Have you ever been outed or caught or shouted at?

I'm wondering this because I doubt that you could be masturbating against little schoolgirls on a sustained day-by-day basis here in England, and then also collecting information on schoolgirls via their Facebook pages etc etc. In Europe there are cameras on buses and trains, and plus passengers (and the authorities) here are extremely nosy and vigilant.

Things for you in the Caribbean are obviously ideal!

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