Schoolgirl Makes Me Cum

Yesterday afternoon on the bus, I got what I had been looking for all month, a schoolgirl partner. A student of an old school with a good reputation let me masturbate on her shoulder, and I am pleased to report that she even made me cum.

The first bus I took was not really favourable for frotteurism, as it had some empty seats most of the time, but there was a middle-aged woman who attracted my attention, but I decided to save myself for what might come my way later, and this reasoning proved to be correct.

My second bus was full of school children from about three different secondary (high) schools. I made my first attempt on a schoolgirl who was standing near the front of the vehicle. After she turned me down, I eventually turned my attention to another schoolgirl who told me yes.

She was sitting near the front of the vehicle on the right side, which meant that her left shoulder was exposed to me. Her uniform consisted of a blue skirt and a white blouse with epaulettes on the shoulders. She was slender, with a light brown skin colour, and a small head with small features.

Her shoulders were narrow, so I had to lean in to get my erection against her shoulder. She looked around at my member a few times at the start, but once she understood what I intended to do, she clasped her hands (usually a good sign) and let me press into her. After a while of doing my standard thing, I felt her make unmistakable and sustained pressure against me. This act of hers provided the stimulus that took me to a big orgasm. In other words, she made me cum. After I came and withdrew, she immediately started to make preparations to get off the bus, and soon afterwards, she was gone.

Clearly, she started to press against me because she knew that her stop was coming up shortly, and she wanted me to enjoy myself to the maximum before she departed. This was my fifth and probably final humping climax for the month, so I am ending January on a high note.

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