Concerts vs Public Transport

Well, I have no experience in both, but I found it interesting in this matter that it generated this whole debate, lol. Look, I do not support chikaning because it is against the law, but at the same time I do not judge you, and therefore I think that within what you practice, if you want to be more effective, you should unite. In this debate about where the practice of chikan is more favorable, it is obvious that some who love to practice in shopping will pull to the side of it, as well as those of public transport and, of course, those of the shows as well. So the final verdict will be everyone's experience, and of course, everyone has greater "baggage" in certain areas. Now that said, from what I see through images, videos, articles and reports within this forum, the shows are triggered in terms of the best environment for the practice of this act. Now, there are going to be people who didn't agree with this, and it's part of it.

Hug to everyone!

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