Public transport vs Concerts

Serious question ArmHumper - are you slightly autistic, or perhaps you were being deliberately obtuse? I'm asking this because I don't think that anyone who read Cheeky's opinion that frotting at concerts is "10x easier" than public transport frotting would've taken that comment literally.

I'm guessing that Cheeky merely meant that concert frotting is "much easier" rather than precisely 10x easier.

For you to be talking about not knowing "what data it was based on" and then proceeding to launch immediately into actual real calculations on Cheeky's "10x easier" comment, calculations that ended with your "250% success rate" figure, is nothing short of absolutely amazing, if not worrying. Majorly odd!

Plus, you said earlier that you wouldn't pontificate on something you know little about, yet you nevertheless proceeded to do precisely that. #justsaying

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