Public transport vs Concerts

I'd have to agree with Red Dragon's view. Mr ArmHumper your "nymphomaniacs" comment was, in my humble opinion, unnecessarily sarcastic and/or defensive. I don't believe that Cheeky said or even implied that females at music festivals, concerts or gigs instantly metamorphose, butterfly-like, into rampant nymphomaniacs!

However, it remains an undeniable fact that lots of females at concerts are excited, hyped-up and on a natural high, simply from being in that environment. More to the point, many of them will be ACTUALLY high (ie on drugs), tipsy or drunk.

Lastly, such an atmosphere will almost definitely have "sex in the air". Like Red Dragon said about girls who are on holiday or who are partying at the weekend, concert-goers are out dancing, laughing, relaxing and letting their hair down etc. Lots of flirting is expected and accepted in such a fun setting. Women are often dressed provocatively too, with their naked flesh and curves deliberately displayed to grab attention.

All of this surely makes for better naughty opportunities for Mr Friendly Chikan than the humdrum, daily commute on public transport to and from work (and/or school in Mr ArmHumper's case) on public transport does. Women on a bus/train on their daily commute aren't so likely to be half-naked, high, drunk, hyped up, feeling flirtatious, being loud or scantily dressed, right?

I've so far done only public transport chikaning, and yes I've even had some success with it too in that I've found complicit female passengers. But to me it's a no-brainer that surely concert frotting must be several times easier than public transport frotting. Right?

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