Public transport vs concerts

Wow I just love the comments saying that concerts are fantastic for the groping thing, and I especially liked what "e" said about the extremely thin-materialed outfits that some women were wearing in the groping encounters he mentioned. That has seriously whetted my appetite, like so much.

It sure seems that public transport frotting is way more difficult to achieve and also that concert frotting is massively more fulfilling. I guess there are pros and cons with both locations, because public transport is of course way cheaper and, because it's that much more difficult, is astoundingly fulfilling when it works. It's more brief but honestly the "rush" is overwhelming precisely for these reasons.

I mean your senses are on edge, because one bad move and the woman might flip and you end up locked up. But when all goes well and this total stranger of a woman is subtly allowing you to discreetly caress her ass or rub your fingertips into her pussy (over her clothes), well your brain just can't quite comprehend that this is actually happening in such a public place, literally right in front of totally unsuspecting fellow passengers. The sheer audacity of it is a major reason why it leads to such a powerful adrenaline rush.

Complicit female passengers will sometimes help you out by very subtly adjusting their leg positions or even by briefly raising themselves up on their tiptoes so that your fingers can get better access in between their butt-cheeks and sometimes right underneath to the goodies - it's absolutely amazing when you correctly choose someone who's game.

But the longer frot duration that concerts seem to offer is making me definitely want to attend some this coming summer. The wafer-thin clothes that "e" described so wonderfully were surely worn with being brushed against in mind, right?

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