Public transport vs concerts

I think public transport would work in the right cities, but not in mine. Really, it might be a county to country factor. Although I have no experience in third world transportation, from what I've seen is it can be quite fruitful. Even London seems to be ideal, as I guess NY Subways once were. Concerts work best for my liking. I now only go out maybe 3-5 times a year to large festivals. But each time out I abuse multiple targets to my satisfaction. If I include groping along with my dick-out frotting I figure my money spent was worth it. I know some think it's too much money to spend getting a nutt, but the difference in my case is I usually enjoy the freedom of being alone for a 2-3 day weekend in the sun rubbing and pressing up against total strangers, all while hearing new music. Probably not for everybody, but it fulfills some of my chikan fantasies. I get to nutt on tanned-skin white girls, Indiana, hispanics, and occasionally my Nubian sistas! Oh, and my festivals are usually all-day affairs, 8-10 hours each day for 2-3 weekend days. I'm usually too tired to attend all 3 days so I do it until I'm satisfied.

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