Public transport versus concerts –

There’ s one major difference between public transport and concerts. Everyone at a concert wants to be there and is happy. There are obvious consequences from this.

Also, a concert can last an hour or two. Except for 3rd world countries, you are not likely to have a bus ride/subway ride that takes that long.

Yes, some women expect (or hope for?) someone to take advantage of the situation at a concert. The first woman I ran into at a concert had an ultra thin silk dress on – with no underwear. I confirmed the no underwear when I finally cajoled her into letting me slide my hand all the way up the skirt portion of her dress, and fingered her wet pussy.

At another show the girl had haram pants that were so thin I couldn’t believe it. It was like caressing her skin… and I ended up with my hands all over her ass and between her legs. I’m convinced she wore those pants in hopes of someone feeling her up.

Public transport – it’s much higher risk. If you get someone who is agreeable (which happens much less frequently, but it definitely happens) there is a much more “secretive” aspect. At a concert I had a girl next to me watching because she couldn’t believe what my hands were doing with the girl in front of me. And
I’m convinced the watching girl was jealous.

Concert success will very greatly from show to show. The wrong music/crowd (at least for me) yields NO success. The right music/crowd yields many opportunities.

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