Archie: Arms and Fetishes

My interest in women's arms developed after I humped many of them; it was not a "pre-existing condition". As a result of rubbing on so many of them, I can become aroused by the sight of a naked arm, but I wouldn't say that it's my favourite female body part; it's more of an extra. To describe my attitude to the female arm I would use the word "fondness" rather than "adoration" that you employed.

The main reason why I hump arms so much is a practical one. In order to hump a lady's arm the only requirement is that all the seats on the bus should be taken, the vehicle doesn't have to be jam-packed. But to do a woman's backside on the bus, the vehicle has to be very full, and that happens less often, so I have more chances to score by going after arms.

My preference is for a bare, medium sized or big shoulder. Women's arms tend to have more fat than men's, so a certain degree of plumpness is preferable.

On this topic I will note that I am not alone in being interested in this part of the body. Many women are attracted to men with broad shoulders. I don't know if this is true, but I have even heard someone say on social media that women on my island like to press their pubes on broad-shouldered men when they're travelling on the bus. In 2018 I was the "victim" of such a woman, so there might be some truth in the statement.

When I was at school, the girls also had a games' mistress who went around in a short skirt made of a light material, but, probably because I was older than you, and already thinking about frotteurism, she didn't have the effect on me that your teacher had on you.

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