Public transport/concerts

From reading the often facinating chats in this forum it seems that most of you gentlemen feel that the frotting is more do'able at concerts than it is on public transport, right? Apart from Mr ArmHumper (who appears to find females' shoulders their most erotic body part), it seems that most of you are more hooked on music concerts as a favoured hunting ground.

Mr ArmHumper have you always had a thing for shoulders, like ever since your youth, or is your adoration of them a more recent development? Was it the sight of a particularly shapely and exposed shoulder in your formative years that proved to be the catalyst for a lifelong love of shoulders? Do you have a preference when it comes to shoulders; I mean do you prefer chunky, well-rounded, meaty shoulders as opposed to slender shoulders where the clavicle can be discerned?

Do you get frustrated when an especially luscious, bare, well-oiled and shiny shoulder is unfortunately covered by clothes the next time you spot that same shoulder? Are elbows arousing for you too? How about the tricep or bicep muscles, do other parts of the arm also set your pulse racing or is it all about the shoulder?

I'm asking because I happen to know what the catalyst for my own lifelong semi-obsession (very short skirts/dresses on slim women) was. When I was very young boy at first school, aged about 8-11, the girls' sports teacher was a toned, sporty lady with muscular thighs who used to wear the world's tiniest, red, gym-slip skirts during their netball lessons. Myself and the other boys were mesmerised by the teacher's minuscule gym-slips!

But back to frotting. I'm still quite new to it, therefore I've thus far tried it only on public transport, where I attempt to execute the back of hand (or fingertips) to ass technique. What I'd love more than anything for this forum is for an actual female, ie not a male pretending to be a female, who's into being on the receiving end of this kink to be posting her thoughts on the subject here.

I mean a New York or (ideally) a London-based commuter who gets off on regularly allowing herself to be discreetly touched up or caressed/groped on crowded trains. I know from personal experience that there are some female passengers who regularly allow it to happen, who are often game for it. Well it's a woman like that who I'd love to chat with on here.

From what you men are saying it certainly seems that lots of girls at music festivals most definitely do allow frotting to happen. Indeed from what I've read it's almost as if they're actually expecting it to happen, and that their thinking might be that if it's done non-aggressively and it starts off subtly they might well accept it and go with it. I guess any openness to it is partly as a result of them being drunk and/or high, but hey!

Have any of you guys been successful at well-known music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Glastonbury or AMF in Amsterdam? I can barely wait for sunnier weather! Definitely gaggin to try the frot thing this summer at some music festivals.

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