Arm humper thats not necessarily true each country is different shit i live in the u.s and each state has different laws and levels of seriousness when it comes any sex crime where i live a police officer got convicted of conspiracie to commit a crime because he was on a website about eating and raping women the law confiscated his phone and laptop and in court they showed that he used his position as a police officer to stalk the women he was so called talking about his lawyers tried to say it was all fantasy talk since it was on a fantasy board and he never actually went through with anything he talked about but he still was found guilty by a jury and did 5yrs in prison (fyi he worked with a close female family member of mine) and thats 1 of the main reasons i fefuse to make a user name i been a guess on her for 10yrs writing stories and comments i dont need the notoriety from you guys and i dont want it if the law really wants you they'll get you even if they have to lie

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