Frottee Encourages Me

This afternoon, a young woman let me masturbate on her shoulder until I came, and she also helped me to reach my climax. The scene of the event was a bus going up the West coast of the island.

My first attempt on this vehicle was on a seated, buxom, brown-skinned milf with curly, brown hair. Next up, after she turned me down, was a bespectacled schoolgirl who also declined my arm hump offer.

My third and final effort was with the young woman who was wearing a black skirt and a white, long-sleeved top. She seemed to be short, but was also sturdily built. She was brown-skinned, with a large head, large eyes, and a short nose.

Soon after I connected with her right shoulder and became erect, she started to look at my member repeatedly. She must have done it at least three or four times, but she did not move her shoulder. Taking this unusual reaction as a bad sign, I started to lose hardness. At that point, apparently sensing my flagging interest, she did something very unusual: she made her right arm rigid, and pushed her right shoulder against my member. Soon after receiving that encouragement I reached boiling point and came to an intense orgasm.

The bus that I took to get home featured two well-developed girls from an elite school, either of whom I would have been glad to go with, but it was too late. Maybe next time.

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