BOMB (WARNING: she may be 38 years old)

(WARNING: she maybe 38 years old)

I started off as a groper in junior high school about ten years ago. It never even occurred to me to hump until I saw another young chikan in action on a class field trip to the city aquarium. Parents would volunteer as chaperones for these trips because our class was so large. There was a girl in my class named Jen; she was alright looking, but her mom was a smoke show MILF. She was either Italian or Jewish, 5'7" ish, dark curly hair, probably a D cup, and thick in all of the right places below the waist. She was wearing black cotton leggings, an oversized white polo shirt, and sneakers on this trip...not sexy attire in the traditional sense, but a fucking magnet to us chikans. I will mention now that the aquarium was packed that day with tourists and other school groups, one of which was from a predominantly African-American school. Moving of the most popular exhibits at the aquarium was the petting tank filled with sea turtles, stingrays, etc. There was limited space up front, and tons of people trying to make their way up there for a feel (no pun intended), so the result was of course tight and pushy crowds. I was in the thick of things posted up behind one of my female classmates (getting clumsy and obvious backhand feels of her skirted butt) when I noticed Jen's mom on the other side of the tank. She was leaning over the front of the tank with her daughter and her friends, talking and laughing. I just about ran over there and started to worm my way towards them. It took me several minutes, but eventually, the crowd shifted and I was able to slide in right behind her. I wasted no time in sneaking feels of her ample right butt cheek with the back of my reaction. Her numbness to the contact had me contemplating palming her...a move that I had only attempted before in crowds much tighter than this one. I was about to make my move when I felt an unexpected push from the left side. A black kid (14? 15?) from another school was trying to move me to the right and take my place behind Jen's mom. He was wearing a basketball jersey over a T-shirt and gym shorts and was a couple of inches taller than me. He didn't even make eye contact with me as he stole my spot. "'Scuse me, man, I can't see." Once he had me out of the way, he wasted no time in pushing his crotch area flush against Jen's mom's bent-over butt. I was certain that she was going to turn around and tell him to take a step back...well, she never so much as glanced over her shoulder to see who was crowding her like that. The kid started feigning looking over and around her, all while dragging his groin area up and down the slope of her butt crack. When he came back down, he would swipe her butt cheeks with his crotch like a windshield wiper...going from hip to hip. I checked him out for wood, and sure enough, he had a sizeable - and growing - bulge in the front of his shorts. Even when a spot opened up at the front, the kid wouldn't take it...he would let the people behind us squeeze around him. As the crowd behind us pressed forward, he would shuffle his feet and slowly and slealthily bury his bulge a little bit deeper into Jen's mom's gap. I was now getting hard myself. I watched as an inch to an inch and a half of the tent in his shorts disappeared into the valley between Jen's mom's butt cheeks. Every now and then he would take a small step back, and then sink right back into that black, pillowy mass of flesh. When she would laugh, you could see her butt cheeks jiggling a little through the thin cotton. She was not acknowledging the kid's presence at all. He was getting bolder...more confident. He started rocking his hips back and forth. His red shorts were in sharp contrast with her black leggings, and I could see his boner entering and exiting her crack. He was literally humping her. Just when it was getting really good, Jen and her group decided to move on. Jen's mom squeezed her way out of the crowd with a smile on her face, still laughing and joking. She never looked at me or the black kid. The black kid kept a hungry, watchful eye on her as she walked away...then reluctantly returned to his group. As for myself, I spent the next 1-2 hours trailing Jen's mom, hoping that she would return to the petting tank. It never happened, but I had a plan B. One of the other popular exhibits at the aquarium was the shark tank. The tank was located inside a darkened room, and it was standing room only. It was basically like the subway: you had to queue up and wait 15-20 minutes for the people inside to exit, then the doors would open and everybody would pack in until it reached capacity. I made sure to be in close proximity to Jen's mom when our group lined up. When the doors opened and the crowd started to pour in, I slid right behind her. I started to get backhand feels of her butt cheeks as we made our way inside. I had just flipped my palms up and was gently cupping her buttocks with shaking, sweaty palms when I once again felt a push from the left side. I looked over and it was the same black kid from before! As we entered the darkened room and Jen's mom and her group took a spot right up front against the railing, 6' or so from the glass, I and the black kid were engaged in a silent shoulder wrestling match. I held my own for a while, but I wasn't able to battle him and the increasingly pushy crowd, and I was eventually muscled off to the right and behind Jen. The black kid took the prime spot behind Jen's mom, while I was left with her skinny daughter's small, khaki short-encased butt. The crowd was still pushing into the room and getting situated. Maybe emboldened by the darkness and the tighter crowd, the kid wasted no time. He aggressively pushed against Jen's mom's buttocks with his crotch, actually causing her hips and pelvic area to bow forward against the waist-high railing. This time she definitely noticed. She looked over her shoulder...was he busted? No, she was checking out the mob as a whole, not just the kid. She laughed, turned back around and said something to her group about the crowd...and that was it. The doors finally closed as the room reached capacity. It was almost pitch black now. The kid was all over her, his crotch glued to her backside with his face making contact with her curly tresses. My eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, but I could tell that he was once again pushing her buttocks with his crotch. A tall, older kid squeezed in against the railing to Jen's mom's immediate left. I'm not sure if it was to create some space for herself or to get a better camera angle, but she did the worst thing that she could have done: bent over the railing and started taking pictures. I looked at the black kid's face for a reaction...his mouth was agape from pleasure/shock and he was practically drooling. He was now buried in the lower portion of her crack, almost between her legs. Once my eyes adjusted, it looked as though her cheeks had swallowed up his bulge. I guess that he hadn't been giving it to her with full force before at the petting tank, because only now did I witness how deep that crack was. Whereas before he had let his hands dangle by his side, he was now gripping the railing on either side of her waist. He was riding her, and although he was young, this wasn't his first ride. I watched him go to town. Short, rapid-fire thrusts. Her butt cheeks would spread open and engulf his bulge, then release it as he took a small step back...only to step right back in. Then he'd shuffle his feet and bury his bone in her white, late thirties dumper. Once her cheeks had completely enveloped his prodding penis, he'd hump. I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but sometimes I thought I'd see her head bob when he hit it. Was he hitting it that hard?? Her demeanor never changed, she was still talking to and laughing with her group in between pictures. Her daughter and her friends were also leaning over and did not seem to notice the black kid's hands on the railing. Judging by the increase in the urgency of his thrusts, I believe that he came after riding her for about 5-10 minutes. It was only after he climaxed inside Jen's mom's butt crack that I noticed that he had not come alone. He had brought two of his buddies with him! The first one was a husky black kid in a long white T-shirt, gym baggy jeans and a baseball cap. The first black kid gave up his spot to Husky, who wasted no time in picking up where his friend left off. The transition was so smooth that even if Jen's mom was aware that she was being butt-fucked, I doubt she noticed the switch-off. Husky was just as aggressive as the first kid, but his repertoire was more straight forward and to the point (no pun intended). He had a camera that he held over his head while his lower half did all the work...which was a firm, steady thrust against Jen's mom's backside. He was a little taller than his friend, so he was more lined up with the center of her crack. If you looked at them above the waist, there was nothing unusual going on...other than his proximity. Below the waist, he was doing her doggy style. I'm not sure if he had his cock out, but judging by his age and the size of the bulge poorly hidden by his long T-shirt, I would say that it had to be. He finished almost as quickly as his friend. Their third and final accomplice was short and skinny, lighter-skinned, also wearing an oversized T-shirt and track pants. Judging by where his bright white T-shirt jutted out, I would say that his penis was knocking right between her legs. Their switch-off was not as smooth as the first, and Jen's mom stopped leaning over the railing and gave the camera to her daughter. She placed both of her hands on the railing and leaned forward a little bit, maybe in an attempt to create some space, but it was futile. Instead of plowing forward, Shorty would push in, and then up. The size and age difference, and her indifference to the humping that she was receiving, made it almost comical. I noticed that due to her leaning over just slightly, and the height differential, Shorty's boner was sliding between her clasped upper thighs when he pushed in and then pushing against her vagina when he pushed up. Her buttocks were piled up around his waist area and jiggled when he pushed up. Shorty looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. He was keeping a nervous eye on her, trying to get a look at her facial expression, but he had nothing to worry about. She was still chatting with her group as if absolutely nothing was going on. Shorty rode Jen's mom until the room was cleared out...I'm not sure if he ever came, because he was more smooth and restrained than his buddies. Once we got outside, all three of the black kids seemed to be congratulating each other on their tag-team back again effort. The first black kid's red shorts were clearly cum stained, and his buddies both had wet stains on their T-shirts as well. From that day forward, I was a humper first and a groper second. yeah BUddy buddy lets get nutty this weekend guys where are the crowded bars in your areas big concerts lets get this 2020 thang cracking its a new decade of good nut telling stories

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