Butt Humping and Got Injured

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while. Been busy with school. Short story of chikaning below with no nutt unfortunately.

I was waiting for the public transportation stop. The bus arrived and opened the doors. All the post secondary students seemed to crowd up the bus as it was packed like sardines. I got in and I noticed a white lady with short hair in front of me on her phone. She must have been a lesbian. I noticed her on her phone. She had one of those booties that show the outline of it even when its covered up with a long white coat. I knew that was a phattie. I positioned myself behind her taking advantage of the ass and the crowd. I could feel the big ass booty above my crotch and boy was I digging deep with my tool. Ahhhhhh it felt amazing. I tried touching it for a few moments with my hand too. At one moment she moaned or groaned a little bit. Fuck yeah. The bus was shifting her ass perfectly on this dick. All she did was look on her phone. The ass was amazing like she was sitting on lap(I could feel the ass even with the coat on she had). I tried bending my knees to settle in on the ass for the long haul. Finally we reached the bus station. No reaction and we all left. At home, I noticed a slight little bruise on my face maybe from her coat. It was worth it though to have all that ass on me.

Oh and the reason of why I was on the bus, was I too am a post secondary student heading home. No car.

Has anyone ever sustained any injuries from chikaning before? :)

Where Mr. Groper gone? I'm quite interested to read any of his stories. Please update us when you get a chance.

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