Everyone is looking

I was in the subway yesterday and there were extensive delays due to some water main break. I got in a train as people emptied out. There was a cute blonde girl biting her lower lip in front of me when I got on. She looked horny. She probably saw something or was in something. I'm not looking for anything. But she stared so hard at my crotch, I couldn't stop the growth and erection. My eyes felt weird. Suddenly, everyone around is looking at me, as if they know. The old women looking with anger, the young guys looking at me like I'm a porno. At the next stop tons of people boarded the train and now we're all like sardines. She turns around and pushes her little ass into me hard. It almost hurt. Then she worked her it slowly side to side, up and down, making sure I was fully hard. With everyone staring at my face, she just falls on me...basically leans back on me feeling my body with her body. In a strange way, it was sensuous. I had to close my eyes though because everyone was staring right at them literally, everyone from all sides. Perverts. It was so packed, I couldnt move my hips or anything. My one hand was now supporting both of us, and other hand had my bag. All I could do was feel her pulse, feel her warm and soft body, and smell her fragrant hair. It was horrible too, because there was no chance of orgasm for me, and I was horny and bothered all day.

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