Since it's usually slow on this board around this time of year I'm gonna repeat an old on for the guys that are newer here. I shared this years ago but I'll tell it from my recollection today since it's one of my personal favorites.
Back in the 90's there was a huge 3 day festival I started attending. I'd never been to one like it up until that point so I was ecstatic with the possibilities. This was a time when I was really experimenting with different ways to push the envelope.
It was held in the spring when the weather starts really heating up. It's either hot or miss because that time of year can bring violent thunderstorms or it can be dry and pretty hot-almost summer-like. This particular year it was dry and all the skin came out. My kinda party.
To keep the story short, I was by myself and it was the second day of going "wild". I decided I'd wear some shorts that day, with underwear on under them until I got in the venue. What I did that day was I got in then went straight to the ports potty and took the underwear off and threw them in the toilet so jimmy could be free. Then I went to work.
The stages would be insane to say the least. These shows were stupid-cheap! For 45 bucks Theres were 3 days of music-120 bands that included really big names from several popular genres.
There was no way it was gonna be disappointing. The stage I wrestled my way to the front of was packed with whatever you wanted to hump. I gripes all day but really got my jollies later in the evening, after dark, which was closer to 8:30 or 9. The performances usually ended about 11:00 p.m.
To get to the point, I got what I'd gone there for. First, I was buried in the middle of the stage right up against the first row of targets, right at the barrier. It was a blonde in short-shorts, around her early 20's. It was so packed I had both my right hand and left gripping bare ass! If I wanted I could spread each cheek apart and there would be little she could do in that atmosphere. Behind us was a mosh pit going into overtime, so we were basically holding on for fear of falling. Total chaos. She knew I was molesting her but could barely turn around to protest, so she didn't even bother. I was worked up so that it may not have mattered if she had, because now I had nutting on her a number 1 priority, which I was about to do now. Since it was hot and sweaty I couldn't get the friction going that I needed with her slippery bare thighs and my bare cock sliding back-and-forth across them, so I reached down to help it along. With a quickness it worked. AsI felt my balls reach that point of no return I let my tool drop back down in between her thighs and I busted a boatload on her! I didn't move until my balls were squeezed tight, unable to do anymore. I had collapsed onto her back in the process, but I wanted to see what I'd done to her if I could. So in all the hoopla I tried to push myself away from her long enough to look down in the little light from the stage that we had, to look at her legs. Just as I thought: I'd gotten the cum on her alright! I could see it running down the inside of both her thighs, but down to her right ankle especially! Either she didn't know, didn't care, or was glad it was over- whatever the case, I'd done something that I knew I was pleased with, at least initially. Once I got a good look I left the scene, which I had to figuratively fight to do. I was weak from cumming but had to be strong enough to push and shove to get out of that crowd.
Once I made it home, which was after midnight, I felt a tinge of regret from leaving her like that. On and off over the years since I have felt some remorse for doing it (leaving cum on them) but after doing it, and almost perfecting the technique, (all except for one mishap where I was in such ecstasy that I loss track of my target actually looking at my bare dick!) I've gotten to where it doesn't effect me like it eventually did Groinrubber, another ex member of this board that enjoyed cuming on his target.
Hope that this throwback story entertains until some real good current ones come along.

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