Upcumming Rave

Got a rave coming up sometime this month which I'm looking forward to. My last event was on New Year's day, but unfortunately the bar was surprisingly not that crowded so I hardly got any sort of footage or grope opportunities.

Even though it was last week it feels like ages since I groped. Gigs have been slowing down near me, and with no major holidays until St. Patricks day things will be pretty dry for a while after this one. I'd rather concerts than nightclubs since it's always a gamble on how crowded they get on a weekend, and I'd rather save on the entry fee each weekend.

Honestly, as fun as this has been I'm actually looking into retiring in the future. Admittedly I do have fun at concerts and I've discovered a lot of cool bands chikaning is risky, expensive, and exhausting. Between concerts, festivals, travel costs and all of the hidden cams I bought (around 7) I've probably spent a few thousand in total. If I see a show I genuinely want to go to and happen to get some action I may capture it if I have my camera on me.

It's been a crazy experience, with regrets, misses chances and even a hookup as a result. Thought me some bit about female nature and how some girls are into it. Never thought I'd go from watching candid videos, to watching upskirts, then doing encoxada videos after being into it for a few years. What we do is a very niche fetish to film, so I got frustrated by the lack content and decided to try and make my own. Just hope there's less fighting on here and people can resolve their differences.

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