Trust me (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I guess here’s the homecoming story promised months back lol. Kindaish

Anyway I am so fucking bored during finals and I have a raging headache so I leave the class and kind of walk back in forth in the school hallway. Looks like a fucking ghost town minus the couple of kids chilling I am uninterested in. Couple minutes past I decide I should head back to class before the teacher gets weird. Put on my headphones as a statement to the world that I don’t want to mingle and head back. Right at my turn I see someone I know and a curvy companion wearing patterned leggings. I really don’t want to mingle but I usually do with her so I bite and acknowledge she and her plump friend are there. She asks a question to make conversation about whether the doors are locked in the halls, I say mostly yes while inspecting her friend probably a little too obviously. For whatever reason the interaction is prolonged and I tease that I know where some sores are unlocked and I’ll show them. Her friend with a phattie is inspecting me and in a way that I find strange and piercing, but not negatively. I try to ignore it and talk to the girl I know, but despite my headache and antisocial disposition she is really sexy especially with her weird as detective gaze right now so I say, interrupting whatever my acquaintance was replying to me, in a light hearted tone “ What? You don’t trust me that those doors are open. I promise they are. Trust!” Chill, but also opening up for her to answer what the look is for or just relax. Here’s the fun part for me. I have a reputation I am a goofy, chill, black kid. I am relatively known, but I am not overtly big like an athlete or anything. I understand getting looks because I am a bit of a figure in my school. So I wait for Ms. Detective to answer with a short pause towards the incoming doors. I check her out. She’s a very church pretty girl. The type you look at a couple rows down on Sunday she is well dressed, reserved around many but bubbly around friends and family, kind of awkward and sweet. Just kind of goes with the flow type of girl. Brunette hair and cowgirl plump fit. She looks a bit stumped by me jestingly questioning her and stumbles a bit. She says “ You were at homecoming.” I say in my head yes I was -_- why? My acquaintance widens up to the vibe around her and starts listening. I continue to wait in our short pause and she says “ Yeah. Your the one who grabbed my hips!” I kind of was shocked. As I keep my chikan and social life pretty separated. I also was struggling to remember her because I was very busy at homecoming lol. I still couldn’t really remember so I just said a bit more blandly than planned “ Oh shit. That was you!?” After I that she says yeah and It comes back in a flash. I guess targets really don’t disappear. Anyway I did grab her hips but for whatever reason she omitted the rest while her friend was around. You see there were dance circles at homecoming. The thing about dance circles is you have to back up. Well this midwestern babe was in front of me when one formed and she got abit excited. Her dress was thin and formly. We were packed. I was very pleased by the sensations her excitement produced and mashed my dick into her. She doesn’t react. She was sorta my return to the chikan and the feeling of her shifting around and letting that ass draw circles on me had me reeling. I start to subtly move my hips in a dancy hump and I am digging in her ass as it moved. She is pushed forward but because of the crowd I would say it would be more accurate to say she stood her ground and her ass was mashed until it felt like a pressure ball on my crotch. The heat was insane and she kept shifting to see what was happening in front of her. I continue applying and releasing pressure on her caboose and I feel like I am practically riding and she MUST BE DOWN WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING. I mean comeon this is blatant even for the crowding. So I reach for her waist and lower to her hips to control the ride a little better. TURNS OUT SHE WAS NOT DOWN. A very small scene is made and she kind of looks back shocked and turns around full body. Breaking contact. I just say “ You aren’t down?” trying to play down the hump I just had as a dumb attempt to dance as a social cloak to her friends and the small ring of attention her reaction got. She waves her finger no and says something I couldn’t catch and I bounce before it gets big and find a new targets I am more subtle with. Back to present day. I briefly nonchalantly say “ My bad.” Not really an apology I know and kind of cold, but for whatever reason she says “ It’s fine.” I catch that, but I am now playing miniature damage control towards my acquaintance because even with the small information that I grabbed her attractive friends hips is wild to her. The walk towards the door is resumed, but I slow down the pace to get a feel for what’s happening and save face. My acquaintance is like “ YOU did that!!??” And I am just like “ Yeah,” Kinda unfocused because I am trying to assess my ex target. I continue “ It’s my bad, I backed off cause you win some you lose some yknow.” Probably way too chill for the current situation and not really apologetic enough or anything, but my ex target as we near the unlocked doors looks pretty relaxed and kind of blurts “ its fine. I found it funny?” I look at her and she has this attractive innuendoish smile on her face. My heart rate speeds up and I have many things I want to ask like “ It was funny that you got taken advantage of?” “ I was in your ass crack yknow?” But I am not that bold especially while trying to keep my chikan and social aspects kind of apart. We arrive to the doors in what seemed like a long ass journey, but not necessarily awkward in my opinion. I closed off the discussion by kind of ignoring her saying me groping her was funny and making my now relaxed but partly aware acquaintance and her friend my ex target laugh by saying “ See!!?? Told you the doors were unlocked!” And cartoonishly flex lol. I repeat what I said earlier somewhat jokingly as damage control and to ease any lingering tension “ You can trust me.” They giggle and we exchange friendly goodbyes.

I wonder if she told my acquaintance of the extent of how aggressive I got on her ass after I was far enough. What did she expect from saying I grabbed her hips to me and her friend my acquaintance?She looked just as pretty as I remember her, but still indistinguishable from the vast majority of white girls in my mind right now. I don’t know her name or have any pics, but I think from how much of an impression it put on her and how much our little foray has changed how I move. I will soon have both. You can trust me.

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