Heard an unbelievably amazing story yesterday

Okay guys I read stuff on here all the time that I find fascinating, but a girl I know related a story about another friend of hers that turned me on, so I'm gonna share it here.
About a month ago a group of us (some I knew and some I had never met) went to a concert that was packed like sardines in a can. Because I usually go by myself I had to lay low with my usually behavior. To be honest I hated that the rest of them were even going but I had to bite the bullet. There were 3 girls and 4 of us guys.
Of course there was ass everywhere and I got some good rubs and grinds on the slide while I was there but I didn't get to nutt. That pissed me off.
But this past weekend I was casually talking about how much fun we had at that show, and that's when the subject of crowds and of guys taking advantage of the lack of space between people at those types of venues. She sat up kinda excited to relate this story she seemed to want to tell somebody about: She said one of the girls that went with us loved those types of settings. I asked why and she says because guys sometimes grind their junk against her (she has a helluva trunk) and that sometimes if she's lucky they pull it out! At the particular show in question some guy did just that, and she "helped" him with the situation by jacking him off! She says that when she does it she goes home to survey her clothes to see if they left cum stains on them, then re-enacts what happened in her mind while she fingers herself! I know there are girls that do get off on freaky stuff like this but to here it from a female friend gave me chills!

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