The Papacy

I have worked two papal visits. I have also worked The Vatican itself. As for the visits, neither was particularly fruitful. During the first, we were lined up along a grand boulevard as if waiting to see a parade. There was plenty of space and little cover, so my opportunities to hump were limited. I remember there was a Mexican family near me, and the oldest daughter had a big, round boo boo. I wanted to mount her and nut, but really couldn't get on it.

For the second visit I worked, it was better set up for humping, but nowhere near ideal. I saw two hot chicks going into the crowded event and followed them, one of them a tall blonde. Throughout the event, I managed to get my dick on her hip and left butt cheek, and occasionally into her crack, but I could not nut against her as the scene was not conducive to outright humping, which is what I need to spurt.

Black Shogun!!!

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