Today was such an erotic experience.

I was on this white woman, likely 30+ who was with a friend and her small son. When I got on her, the friend motioned something, I don’t know what, and she ended up moving her bag away from me. She responded with, all I can do is laugh.

So now I’m in between her leggings covered cheeks, deep, I can feel them splitting around my cock and I actually moaned under my breath. But what made today so good was they kept talking about my cock in innuendo. She repeatedly said oh my god in such a sexy way whenever she moved up and down it, or if I throbbed because of her.

At one point she said I can feel the warmth, LMFAO. I couldn’t believe it. Another time she put both her hands up and motioned the length of my dick. The friend actually said, I know, I saw it that’s why I said it. There were many more. Some of these women just love dick.

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