Magician shit

Ive been bored because of all the infighting lately and increased lurking so Ive been looking at some of the older submissions.

First off I miss femaleguest agh, second off her stories both humorously involved somebody faking an action in an attempt of discreteness, but planting their intentions very clearly in her crack, on her hips, on her breast. The part that makes it hotter is the acknowledgement she has to these intentions mentally and I could go about it all day in the mental ways this is a turn on. Got me thinking of things I’ve done or other stories people have given about groping and misdirection of intention. I can think of a few stories honestly. Very short ones though because I have yet to be in a long winded grope where I have climaxed on someone. Pretty much all I thought of saying really. Remember that internet fights waste precious time we could use to better the chikan experience and share stories or insights.

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