Black Shogun - Being Noticed

I know your post was in response to another poster. Nevertheless, I had to LOL when I read it!

Reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when I lined up behind two out-of-town sistahs at a concert. Turned out they were from Oakland, and I figured they might be game.

As the concert heated up, the one I'm behind gets this rhythmic sway going. Needless to say, I'm pasted on her. Next thing I know, I hear from her friend, "Ohhhh, he's about to cum!" Lawdy, I snapped back to consciousness immediately.

I was so 'locked-in' that that catatonic state of nirvana had clearly enveloped me. The one telling thing - this I remember as I heard her friend - was that my eyes (apparently) had rolled back into my head, and they snapped forward instantaneously once as I became aware again.

The friend was laughing, the girl I'd been on looked slightly mortified. A woman that was part of a couple standing next to us had that scrunched-up, "ewwwww" look on her face.

Funny thing - the friend "offered" to take my ridees' place, saying, "You want to change places coz YOU KNOW I'll move there." My ridee refused the entreaty and soon resumed that mighty sway that, ultimately, allowed me to finish the journey.

Now, to hide "the moment" I resort to some sort of masking device to hide my eyes during a show.

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