Another lovely encounter

Todays best success was a teenager with a sister and mother.

She was wearing these thin jeggins, and the moment I slid in she said I get quite paranoid when people are close to me - but she didn’t move! It was like a weird kind of green light. Like she wanted to let me know she knows im close and can feel this dick.

I got erect in between her and started jostling left to right, and I felt her applying slight pressure. Felt good. She would then start bending forward slightly, sticking that booty in my lap and I could really feel her crack. Her booty was really gripping my cock and it felt so good.

The best part came when I was really on her tight and the transport vehicle paused. The driver was talking overhead, and she kinda let out a moan. It was a very loud ohhh, and she kind of tried to play it off by saying shut up afterwards, to make it seem like she was annoyed at the driver. She so obviously was not. That was one of the most erotic, sexy outbursts I have heard in this game. She sounded so turned on.

When their stop came she didnt even try to hide the way she turned around and stared at my dick print.

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