Re: Archie - Being Noticed

LOL your post reminds me of the time a guy was observing me having an orgasm in a super crowded, crack-packed bar, only he didn't realize what he was seeing. You see, I had been chikan butt fucking a girl with me pecker out in what was to become my second favorite college bar of all time for the practice of chikan (now closed).

My dick was all up in the college girl's butt . . . and I was cumming causing me to have orgasm spasms . . . like my shoulders were uncontrollably hunching forward and my chest caving inward LOL! Anyway, this guy standing next to me in the crowd got annoyed because my spasms caused me to bump into him some. He looked at me all annoyed, and then looked at his buddy and mimicked my motions hahahaha! I didn't give a damn! I had to get my nut on!

On another occasion, although I wasn't "nutting", I had closed my eyes in a squished concert crowd and allowed myself to drift off into la-la land (not recommended) as I chikan butt fucked the girl in front of me with my boner out. When I opened my eyes again after a few minutes, the guy standing next to me was looking at me all weird. He was like, "Are you alright"? LOLOLOL!!! Yeah, the Shogun was A OK up in them there cheeks!

Black Shogun!!!

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