Being noticed

While you're actually nutting don't you guys worry that you'll be spotted? I mean for those few brief seconds when you're in spasms as you're spurting your load, you're slightly unaware of your surroundings because you're briefly transported to another plane; the French nickname orgasm le petit mort ("the little death").

As your body is jerking/in spasms and you're momentarily "elsewhere" do you have to concentrate especially hard to make sure that nobody notices? It must be particularly difficult if it's not dark at the time, such as with Allrounder's shoulder-humping activities on a sunny Caribbean mornings.

I honestly have no idea how nobody spots you guys a) standing abnormally close behind a teen girl and b) when you're cumming by rubbing against her. When I hit music festivals next summer I'm sure I'll spot frotteurs. Hahaha.

Honestly can barely wait for better weather! Gonna get involved and write some my experiences in here.

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