Freddy Johnson The Third Amirah Dyme story

so this is my first time ever messaging on this site ever and what made me come out is when I saw a pic of Amirah Dyme’s fat plump soft juicy asscheeks in those black tights on e board and I saw that Freddy Johnson The Third has a story on how he came in her fat asscheeks!!! Telling from the date you still haven’t posted the story, but I know extremely well who she is on ig, she has one of the best asses on ig and she’s Sudanese but her people don’t like her because she dresses like a whore and exploits her body, but fuck all of that. If you really did this to this fucking whore I need to read what you did to her and how you did it. Please drop the story my man. If you really had your dick in between those soft fat plump ass cheeks, I wanna know every single detail please. I stalk her ig sending her messages about all the nasty shit I would do to her ass crack, but you really did, please post it soon bro, you’re the greatest in my book if it’s true, what was she wearing by the way???? Lol I would nut in her ass so hard and jerk my dick in between her asscheeks. She also has a weirdo boyfriend name lil freeny so he’s the one spending money on that whore till she gets a new sucker, let us know please!!! Thank you ps, this is a pic of her from a photo shoot she did, water dripping all down her ass crack. Look at how deep the crack of her ass is!!!

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