Fake handles

You know, I've been thinking ever since I got "busted" using fake handles as to why I even did it? Didn't gain a damn thing and had to suffer the consequences. Then I thought to myself 'fuck it'! Okay, I did it. Okay, now what? Then I decided that Ive been doing what a chikan does most of my life without answering to nobody but myself. I realize as much fun as it has been sharing and reading stories on this forum, I could do without it. What I don't get is how anybody gains from "outing" or questioning what folks claim they do. And a lot of that goes on. Black Shogun has been attacked recently for his stories and for even his lack of stories. Red Dragon has been laid into. Another "Guest" just complained about the bickering going on. Well I'm done with this board. I brought it on myself, but at the same time you don't have to really do much to bring on the wrath of certain posters. You can tell a true story and still get hammered by some. Had fun, but I'm gonna just do me and have a good time.

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