Triple Take Event!!!

Recently came back from the big event concert I talked about and couldn't have gotten luckier! 3 nuts in one night, matching my best record yet again! As usual I chilled around and waited for the venue to get packed, then I scoped out any potential targets. For the first 3 hours things weren't very eventful, couple of short gropes that led to nothing but I saw a girl with what I thought was a skirt dancing about. A slightly chubby brunette white girl with glasses, but still with a nice figure hugging her tight black t-shirt. She was talking to her guy friend and didn't show any reaction to being groped. After a few minutes confetti came down (which is basically a smoke bomb for chikans) and I whipped it out and came all over her. Turned out it was a jacket wrapped around her waist and not a skirt, but thin enough to feel her ass anyway so I considered it a win. I watched as a cluster of confetti stuck to her ass from my jizz and slipped back into the crowd.

The second girl was this petite blonde in boots, pantyhose, and a simple black dress. She was a bit tricky as she was turned sideways talking to her guy friend, making my dick dig into her thigh. Fortunately once the DJ changed songs she turned forward to face the stage, giving up her butt fully to me. In between groping I was sticking my cam up her skirt and getting upskirts in between (recently gained a fetish for pantyhose after upskirting enough girls wearing them) while lifting her skirt up a bit. As she twisted and turned I guess she felt the subtle tugging at her skirt and gave me glances, but had a huge smile the entire time. I said screw it, and went back to groping for a couple more minutes until I shot a rope of cum on her dress as she danced.

After that some more time had passed and I was mainly going for candid vids until I spotted this one thick girl. She had to be at least a foot shorter than me, but all that height definitely went to her ass though! She was wearing a plaid button-up top with obvious cleavage and leggings. The friend she was with was eyeing me occasionally, so I acted like I was on my phone or talking to someone to blend in. Lucky for me she was super game, didn't turn around once and was backing that ass up on me, so I got comfortable and propped my dick on her ass. She was bouncing too and fro like a bunny, and despite already cumming twice before in the night I felt my dick swelling up for another load. Not expecting it I quickly grabbed hold of it to control where I came. As she shook I got 2 globs, one on each cheek, with the load on the left oozing down a bit.

Definitely worth the money and travel time, after not nutting at an event for a while, this couldn't have been a better way to get back into the game. Got some pics to preview until I eventually edit the videos.

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