You can go to any concert as long as they are a big enough act. Check their twitter following and Facebook page. If there are enough, then it’s good enough! Simple. I don’t go by bands, I’ve been to so many acts I’ve never heard of lmao.

Just last week (a story I havent written yet) I went to an act from the 90s! and it was still one of my best ever outings. Leggings wearing woman rode my cock all goddamn night, I even have my hand on the front of her thighs while she wiggled my crack-wedged boner all over the place.

And about dancing, I like it to be as if I’m not even there. I do not like it to look like I’m dancing with her. I feel like that method doesn’t let me really ride her properly, and it also kind of invites her to start talking to me. It also may invite attention from the friends. I like to be anonymous, like I’m buttfucking her, only we know, and she only uses her body to communicate she’s willing.

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