Stop talking to me!

So I am relatively new to the concert groping. A few times a year for the past couple years but quite a few this year in particular. The first couple went pretty well, nothing spectacular since it was all new to me but enough to get me hooked. Well lately I have ran into the phenomenon of the girls trying to converse and such with me. Take the last one I went to a couple weeks ago. Get there a little bit early to find a good spot. Find a decent spot behind this girl with a nice ass. I am minding my own business, moving to the music playing before the concert when a girl a bit ahead of me starts talking to me. Asking if I'm alone and asking the girl I was somewhat behind if she was with me. She said no and the girl asked me if I was here with someone. Now I would say this concert is geared towards women, with pretty much the only guys there being there because of their wives/gf. I figured it would sound way out of place saying that I was there alone, so I lied and said a girl was supposed to meet up with me later. She then said that I could hang out with them (her and her friend) in the meantime. I smiled. I tried to blend in but this girl kept talking to me, and dancing with me and stuff, which was nice because I was pretty much behind her and it seemed like she was trying to tease me with her ass, but at that point I had way too much attention drawn to me so I couldn't take it very far.

The concert before that the same type of thing happened, minding my own business and a group of women come up to me and start talking to me. That one was a bit better because one of the girls was straight up twerking on me at one point. But again, I had multiple eyes on me so there was only a certain amount I was comfortable doing.

The attention is nice, and would be great if I was looking to hook up, but I just want to blend in and not be noticed, and have silent fun with a willing participant. I don't know what it is either. I am not ugly but not attractive either. Maybe my aura? Now that I type this out I feel like there is something wrong with me where I am getting all this attention and actual opportunities to hook up with women but I just want the groping action. I guess that probably why a majority of us are here.

Anyway, just thought it was interesting and thought I would share. I have another concert coming up soon. Let's see how this one goes.

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