Last Friday I had lunch with one of the operation managers of the company I work for. We saw a beautiful new secretary who had round and plump buttocks. The operation manager told me that she was the secretary of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He said that she was single and she didn’t have any boyfriend. He said that he has heard about some rivalry between men for her. He also told me that there was a meeting at 2:00 pm at the CFO office and that it would be good for me to over since we would talk about the new plant under construction located in the southeastern side of Venezuela. 

Although I am not reporting to the financial department, I have been traveling several times to the construction site near the jungle of my country, and it would be good to go over the meeting. So we went to the meeting. I was thinking about the round butt cheeks of the new secretary. Suddenly she got in the office offering us a cup of coffee. She was tall, about 6 feet tall, blonde, curvaceous hips, beautiful face, straight nose, sweet and sensual lips, violet eyes, big breasts, tiny waist and the most perfect round butt cheeks I have ever seen. I was completely dazzled by her breathtaking beauty. I guessed that she was about 21 years old. I wondered why a young girl like this was the secretary of the CFO, instead of being in a Venezuelan beauty contest ? Later someone would tell me that she was a temporary substitute of the old secretary who was sick. 

When she offered me my coffee I sighed. A spoon fell off her hand and she bended over to get it bumping my arm with her buttcheeks. My cock got half erect. The CFO gave me a cold stare beaming and asked me……”Carlos I know you have been mostly involved in construction project management of the new plant. How is your PERT-CPM doing? (Program evaluation and review technique and critical path method). How is the probability of project completion going? What would you tell us about a way of shortening the entire project ?………”. My cock went back to normal, and I was about to say something, but the operation manager helped me saying ……”Sir, Carlos, has successfully managed to get the project ahead of schedule at the least cost”,…..and the CFO smiled and said……” lets Carlos speak up”….The gorgeous secretary gave a look at me as if wanting to hear me too. 

I swallowed and said ……“Sir, I just came back from the construction site, the project is 3 months ahead of schedule. The project completion time was supposed to be 1 and a half year. Perhaps additional resources can reduce activity times for certain activities within the project. These resources might be additional labor, more equipment, and so on. I personally went to the Unites States to buy equipment, such as big motors, control equipment and electric generating plants. Although it can be expensive to shorten activity times, doing so might be worthwhile. If the company could start up this plant next month, it could produce all the articles we need to sell, so it might be economical to use additional resources to complete the project the sooner, the better…..” The CFO was assenting, I continued……” I would find the least expensive method of shortening the entire project. I would reduce some activities along the critical path as much as possible crashing the least expensive activities…..” and the CFO said…..” That would be great, if you do it you could be named the big boss of that plant afterwards, eeeeeh?….” 

The beautiful secretary turned to see me and smiled. As warm and sweet as a day in early summer, her beautiful smile stole my breath away. I wondered if it was how it feels to be struck by lightning. Her buttocks jiggled like jelly as she was walking around serving coffee. What I liked most was the combination of her tiny waist and her big, round, plump, jiggling buttocks. She was tall and beautiful. She finished serving coffee and sat next to the CFO to write down the main points of the meeting. 

The CFO got curious about me and asked…”Carlos, if you were the CFO , how would finance this project, issuing stocks or selling bonds?…..” I swallowed, and the gorgeous secretary was staring at me. Although I was never involved in financial decisions, I still remembered some of my basic financial management course I took in Boston,….” Sir, I would think in the financial risk as the additional risk placed on the common stockholders as the result of the decision to finance with debt or preferred stock, or both. Conceptually, any firm has a certain amount of risk inherent in its operations, that is its business risk, which would be the uncertainty inherent in projections of futures returns on equity, assuming that a firm is solely financed with common stock. If this company uses debt or preferred stock, this would concentrate its business risk on the common stockholders. The use of debt would increase the expected return on equity as long as the expected return on assets, measured as the EBIT / Total assets, exceeds the cost of debt. On the other hand common stock does not entail fixed charges. If this company generates the earnings, it can pay common stock dividends. This is very much in contrast to interest on debt, which must be paid regardless of the level of the earnings. Common stock carries no fixed maturity date. Common stock of this company could be sold more easily than debt. Due to the high inflation rate, issuing debt will be expensive. Common stock financing would provide investors with a better hedge against inflation than does preferred stock or bonds. Since we need additional funds to reduce the completion time of the construction of the plant I would go 50% debt and 50% stock (preferred or common ) to diversify the risk…..” The CFO was assenting all the time. 

After the meeting was over I went over the beautiful secretary desk to meet her. I could see the shape of her round and plump buttcheeks and deep ass crack bulging inside her tight business skirt. I caught her studying a book of statistics for business. The operation manager helped me again telling her……. ”This young man has been most eager to meet you. He is a brilliant professional of this company, Miss, may I present Mr. Carlos…...” She answered …...”Hi, nice to meet you, my name is KISSI….” Kissi extended her hand to meet me. I was too stunned to speak because of her breathtaking beauty. The beauty of this girl was all the more devastating at close range. I was electrified by the sight of the most dazzling violet eyes in the world. As I felt the soft and dainty hand of this lovely creature I silently wished I could surreptitiously palm her buttcheeks. Her lips were curved in a slight smile. Her eyes were the same shade as the delicate flowers found in the deep jungle where the plant site is located, I sighed. 

I told her “…….I could help you out in your statistics course…”. She said “…..Oh really?, She carefully withdrew her hand, her smile deepening. “….. Oh I have to turn in a homework of statistics tonight, would you teach me Mr. Carlos ?……” and I answered …..”I would be pleased to help you…” Fortunately I still remembered some of my statistics for business. She needed to compute the mean, median, mode and standard deviation of some data. She didn’t understand the formula to compute the standard deviation. I silently thought about my “standard deviation” of rubbing up against women in the subway. 

I carefully told her ”….. The mean of a set of data X1, X2, X3, ,,,,Xn, is the arithmetic average X = (X1+X2+X3+…….Xn) / n. For example the mean of the 5 numbers 8, 10, 12, 16, 17 is (8+10+12+16+17)/5 = 12.6 The median is the middle value in the ordered list, or the mean of two central values. For example the median of 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 8, 10 is the central value, so the median is 6. The median of 5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 18 is the central value. There are two central values 9 and 11, so you take the mean of them ( 9 + 11 ) / 2 = 10. The mode is the most frequent value in the set of numbers. The mode of 2, 2, 5, 7, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 11, 12, 18 is the most frequent value which is 9. Sometimes there is no mode, and sometimes there are several modes. The standard deviation measures dispersion around the mean, so you would need to obtain the mean first, then find the deviations Xi – Xmean, square all the deviations and add them up. Divide this sum by ( n-1) or by n, depending is you have a sample or a population. Finally take the positive square root to get the standard deviation. She said that part was a bit difficult. She said, that she would have to go to school at 6:00 pm. She wanted to know if I could accompany her to school to do her homework because it would be graded. Of course I would be glad to go with her. 

We left the company offices and walked to the subway station. I didn’t remembered it was the rush our. I started to get nervous, thinking that someone else would be pressed up to her bum enjoying her booty, while I would be suffering and pissed off for that. I didn’t have enough time to secretly call my private security man who sometimes accompany me to the brothels. He would cover her backside making it impossible for anyone else to enjoy her butt cheeks in the crowded subway. I started to swallow and my hands were cold and sweating. I started to think about the statistics theory of waiting line characteristics of queueing systems……the average time each customer spends in the queue, the average queue length, the probability of specific number of customers in the system, and the exponential distribution theory for waiting lines,….. and I started to hate all these theories.….. I wondered what would be the probability of standing behind Kissi in the crowded subway ? 

I tried to offer her the ride in my car, but she said that there was a traffic jam, and it would be faster to travel in the packed subway. When we got to the platform it was crowded as usual. She said……”Mr. Carlos would you mind standing behind me as if we were doing a line up to get into the crowded carriage. ?”…… I was very pleased with that request. I was even flattered, I said…...”OK, Lets do a line up…..” We were waiting in the platform for the train. My groin was 1/2 inch away from her gorgeous and round bum. I was wondering how to stand behind her, respecting her at the same time. The subway platform was crowded and there was a delay in the frequency of trains, so I had the feeling that we would be sandwiched hard. 

I wondered how much physical closeness would Kissi stand. I was trying to look normal hiding my nervousness. I thought I would try not to be sexually aroused. I even thought of using the book of statistics of Kissi as a barrier between her bum and my cock. That would be a way to show my respectfulness to the secretary of an important company officer. But that idea would be ridiculous and stupid. She even took her book and handbag in front of her leaving her backside exposed to me. I thought I would use my fist to push her waist so that her bum woundn´t be pressed up to my cock. But that would have been too rough, she would have cried out in pain. 

As more people arrived to the platform, Kissi suddenly asked me in a professional way, using a professional voice…...” Mr. Carlos be pressed to my back side as much as possible, otherwise some one else will force his way between us, and the train will arrive soon, this is just a special but normal circumstance in the rush hour…..”. Then, she stepped backwards pushing her plump, round, delicious, jiggling, booty cheeks against my cock. I couldn´t believe that this was happening. I coudn´t believe that the head of my cock was between the buttcheeks of kissi. I was smelling the scent of her hair. She said using a professional voice as if this were an office duty……”Mr. Carlos grab my shoulders ”……. I was mentally trying to control the erection of my cock. I was thinking in the CFOs cold stare beaming at me. My cock was just half erect. 

When the train arrived and doors opened Kissi said using a voice and style that reminded me a stewardess style in an airplane ….”Mr. Carlos grab my shoulders tightly”…..There was a surge of people getting into the carriages. I was squashed up to Kissi´s bum. Her buttcheeks were completely pressed up to my groin. The erotic sensation of my cock pushed up against her buttocks was like being in heaven. I can hardly describe the pleasurable sensation of her plump buttocks pressed up to my groin area and testicles. My cock started to grow uncontrollably. It was fully erect. Kissi kept her bum pressed hard against my stiff peckerd. My hard pole was stuck hard inside the butt crack of Kissi. I was reaching plateau state of arousal. She was all the time just looking down and always trying to push her bum against me as hard as possible. I couldn´t control my chikan instinct and I bended a little bit my leg to feel up the shape of her left butt cheek. I could see a slight smiling grin in the face of Kissi. I silently thought that if I could rub up against her I could cum on her, to release my orgasm. But I didn´t rub her up. 

When we got to our destination, I covered my erection with my business suit. My erection subsided when we were walking. Kissi didn´t make any comments, she just kept walking very close to me, saying that she forgot her sweater. We got in the library of the school, but I told her that I feared that her professors would caught me doing her homework of statistics, so we went to a bowling which was within a walking distance. We did as if we were going to play, but we took a sit and asked some refreshments and I did her homework of statistics. 

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