Big Booty Attack

My good run of form continued yesterday (Thursday) when I came to a pleasant orgasm against the backside of woman who works at a bank. Slim, oval-faced, brown haired and forty odd years old, there was nothing really remarkable about her. She was not a six-footer like the girl last week, nor was she big and buxom like Monday's damsel, but she did have a cute little ass that I plastered myself on. She felt my erection slanting across her derriere. The bus stopped when I was coming so I know she was aware of my joyful member vibrating rapidly against her.

I am wondering who is going to be the first lady to let me come against her bottom in a second encounter. I have enjoyed two, sometimes three, meetings with the same woman, but it has always been rubbing against her shoulder(s) or a combination of shoulder and behind.

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