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Been scrolling back through the messages on this board and also looking through the Archives section (which unfortunately isn't up to date). Amazing stories! Anyone know why the Archives are so old and not recent?

Do we ever have anyone from Brazil writing about frotting/encoxada? Do any actual females ever contribute? And nope I don't mean men posing as females, such as that Guest (male) pretending to be a London Tube-using, frot-loving schoolgirl who gave his game away by making the tell-tale mistake of using American spellings - duh!

I wonder whatever happened to Astro from last year, with his repeated, indeed almost obsessive, mentions of "Pretty white girl teeny tight plump butts" and also his liberal use of often unnecessary CAPITAL letters! Hahaha - love it! His input was fantastic. Clearly he's a man of leisure, and of some wealth too, judging by his non-stop travelling across the planet attending music concerts for chikaning purposes.

From reading all your amazing stories it definitely seems that my efforts on public transport pale by comparison to the deeply pleasurable stuff that's available at gigs and music festivals.

Frots on crowded trains are, in my experience anyway, typically very fleeting. In exceptional circumstances they might continue for the duration of a few stops along the line, but to be honest those ones are rare because the chances are that you'll soon be jostled out of position as the train doors open and passengers push past you or as the train (sadly) empties out. Unless the frottee is particularly keen to maintain the contact then the groping encounter usually happens only for the duration of a couple of quick minutes as the train speeds through the tunnel in between stations.

It definitely seems as though gigs and concerts are a WAY more rewarding option. I'm definitely intending to attend some next summer and I'm already excited at the prospect. I'd actually never even heard the term "mosh pit" till I found this board, but mosh pits are where I'd head straight for! I'm sure that pickings at music concerts simply cannot be as woefully slim as they currently are in mid-December on public transport.

Winter months are seriously hard going for an addicted chikan, right? Endless weeks of long thick coats and hardly any of the sheer leggings displaying clearly defined buttocks or incredibly sexy, thin-materialed dresses that make warmer months such fun. I envy Allrounder and that Placebo dude in Mexico; good weather all year long, meaning full-on chikaning can happen with no breaks at all.

Quick question about the concert chikaning: when you guys are moving your exposed dick forcefully against her butt and about to nut, by that point are you guys openly dancing with her? I mean is it the case that she has by then accepted that you're moving to the music together and she's sort of smiling and encouraging the contact? Maybe you're openly holding her waist and her friends nearby have, for those minutes, accepted that you're dancing with their friend with your crotch jammed against her ass?

Or is it often the case that no direct eye-contact with her has happened and she's more or less pretending that she's not even noticed that your hard-on is jutting in between her ass-cheeks?

What an amazing subject!

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