Re: Black Shogun

Personally, I myself never tend to go for girls that show major signs of discomfort. Years ago I remember groping this girl at a concert who was happily swaying side to side, but once I started she began looking over her shoulder a lot, tied her sweater around her waist and had her arms crossed. Her body language was like a waving hand that curled up into a trembling fist. Needless to say I switched to another girl.

It's weird to have a conscience when doing this sort of thing, but if the girl comes off as fearful I feel guilty. Whenever I grope either the girl keeps moving like nothing happened, or starts purposely twerking on me. I think it's risky going out of the way to pursue a girl that may blow up your spot after unwanted advances. The cornered rat attacks the cat comes to mind.

Regardless, everyone here has their own thing and are entitled to whatever methods they want to apply, just be safe and aware of your surroundings. I'm excited since I have a huge concert tomorrow night. Big electronic music venue, more than likely filled up with scantily clad rave girls with their asses out, either drunk or coked up. Hoping to be a triple nut kinda night!

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