Consensual Nonsensical

Don't believe all the BS that so-called "consensual gropers" are telling you. Most of them are delusional or just plain lying! Consider Arm Humper. Here's a guy who by his own admission has been humping women for approaching HALF A CENTURY. In all of that time, he claims he never forced himself upon anybody, and all his victims (that's what they really are) willingly gave of themselves to him.

But then when the heat was on because it got into the news that somebody was rubbing on women's shoulders, he decided he needed to "lay low" for awhile. But why??? If everything he was doing was all consensual, then what was the problem? Why the need to "lay low"? They're all willing participants, so rub-a-dub-dub away! But no, that's wasn't what he said he was gonna do? Why???

Because he hasn't been telling you the truth. But of course, any of us here with any good sense already knew that! You have a Merry Christmas too!

Black Shogun!!!

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