Re Archie

Ok this is my last comment on this matter because, I come here to post and read what other chikans get up to whether its dick out or not, preferably dicks out, but let me say it again I don't care about my flashees/gropees, why? because in the grand scheme of things having someone flash/grope you is way better than being mugged or raped or worse, I don't go after kids but anything over the age of consent up here in Scandinavia ( 15 ) is what I go after, I still don't want the girls that I frott/flash to be disgusted, because that reaction does nothing for me, likewise scared, I just wonder why some people feel the need to try and set themselves above others on here because whether your gropee is "happy" or not if the cops caught you you would still get arrested and put on a sex offenders register, so I say embrace who you are, I do, it is rare I walk away from groping or flashing with a bad conscience, but if I am honest it has happened even if it was a very long time ago.

My last two cents.

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