Red Dragon, I suspect that Observer was probably trying to highlight some apparent inconsistencies with your stated likes. You recently said in here that you don't like it when women feel disgusted/scared, a that might give the impression that you care about women's wellbeing and whether they're comfortable etc.

However, Observer reminded us that actually you've in the past talked of "consensual crap" and that you've said that you enjoy it when women show that they're uncomfortable. You further stated that when women are non-consensual the feeling is "sublime" and also that you "love making a woman feel trapped".

One might argue that feeling scared/disgusted isn't precisely the same as feeling trapped, uncomfortable and forced (ie when it's non-consensual) but that'd be just semantics because surely they're all in effect the same sorts of things, right?

I like when the woman IS happy with the groping encounter. What excites me is when it's subtly (yet unmistakably) consensual and when she's a willing participant, whereas you prefer when it's non-consensual and you're forcing/trapping the woman, right?

We're all into different things. Some men get off on flashing their dicks at women, others get their dick out as much as possible to rub it against women, others enjoy leaving spunk sticking to the clothes of unsuspecting women, some men like watching women peeing. None of those things appeals to me, but hey what can I say? To each their own!

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