Argiechikan are you called that because you're in Argentina?

Yes if you're only 26 then I understand how you're able to stay under the radar at teen concerts, you wouldn't stand out too much. Are we allowed to say what concerts we've been to? I read Archive stuff on this site that mentioned Justin Bieber concerts.

What about outdoor music festivals? I've often heard that they're chikan heaven because (apparently) women at those are often so high/drunk that they're more or less up for anything and that many even expect to be frotted.

But I agree with you, I'd love to know how older chikan manage to be in teen concerts and be openly humping teen ass till they nut. Some of this board's stories are just seriously out of this world. To he honest I'd give literally anything to be an invisible man standing right there during one of these concert humps to watch the reaction of nearby people, see how the frottee responds, see for myself how the teen is grinding back against the much older frotteur's dick.

It's all new to me and honestly it's amazingly facinating.

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