Teen chicks' enthusiasm (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

My main turn-on is, as I've said, the frotee's complicity, ie when it's HER who does as much of the subtle pushing as me and when she makes it abundantly clear from her body language that she's happy with the groping encounter and is encouraging it and enjoying it.

"Consensual" does it for me - big time!

For this reason I have no special wish for the frotee to be a teen. Young or a MILF, either is great for me. It's the "feeling comfortable" factor that I'm seeking.

However, I have noticed that teens on public transport can be particularly blatant and not care who's watching. Perhaps it's their youthful naivety, or maybe their newfound budding sexuality plays havoc with their hormones and leads them to just go for it and throw caution to the wind? I don't know!

One of my clearest examples of teen enthusiasm happened last summer in central London.

At about 7.45pm I was waiting on a semi-crowded Tube platform by its entrance, where people join the platform, scoping for opportunities. A short, slim, Japanese girl of say 16, wearing school uniform (non-sexy, loose, knee-length skirt, bare legs and socks up to her shins) and her hair held up in a ponytail/topknot above her head (not behind her head) joined the platform. I remember being surprised to see anyone in school uniform that late in the day; maybe she'd been at some after-school event.

As she sauntered very confidently past me we made brief eye-contact with each other. But that millisecond of eye-contact with her suggested to me that she was in some way "worldly", naughty, sexual, up to/for something. I can't really explain it, but it was just something in her confident, adult way of walking or in the encouraging, womanly way that this teen had held the look of a grown man.

Sure enough, after the brief eye-contact, she unexpectedly stopped just a few feet further down the platform to me; her sudden halt struck me as odd and I tingled, thinking that this looked promising. I told myself that she'd stopped walking for me, solely because of that cheeky and appreciative look we'd just given each other.

Just seconds later the next train arrived and, as it slowed down to stop and its doors opened, the girl actually walked back towards me and, while feeling my gaze on her, she boarded using the same doors that I was about to get on the train from. Once on board she stood not that far into the carriage. I pushed through to her and stopped; she was half-facing me, at the part in the carriage just before the rows of seats - with her back to the seats.

The carriage was not jam-packed, but it was still full enough that all the seats were taken. The back of my left hand, which was dangling down by my thigh, was tantalisingly close to the crotch of her unflattering skirt. She was looking directly up at the left side of my face, which was right in front of her. I just kept looking straight ahead, keen not to make any further eye-contact with her.

My heart was racing because this was the same girl who, just a few seconds earlier, had doubled back towards me on the platform to board the same part of the carriage as I'd chosen and who before that had also confidently held my look and then very noticeably stopped walking down the platform, opting instead to stand near me after the cheeky eye-contact had happened. Sexy!

Her brief and confident look into my eyes on the platform, and then her confidence in not flinching when I'd stopped right in front of her on the train... it just felt as if she had "selected" me to play with that day, at least these were the kind of thoughts that were swirling around in my head as the train moved off with her crotch just inches away from the back of my left hand.

As soon as the train entered the tunnel I accidentally-on-purpose edged my left hand out to her crotch, so that my knuckles very very very softly brushed against the material of her skirt, making just enough contact for her to sense it. I was testing the water, I was basically asking the question!

"Are you game, young lady? Wanna play?"

She definitely felt my hand very lightly grazing the front of her skirt but nothing else happened as the train sped through the tunnel. When the doors opened at the next station I instinctively eased the back of my hand away from touching her skirt's front while passengers jostled back & forth, getting on & off the train and taking the newly available seats behind her.

I noted, and with considerable excitement too, that she herself didn't even look back at the now-free seats. The fact that she remained standing, her crotch just a matter of an inch from the back of my wandering hand, spoke volumes to me. It re-confirmed her willingness to play. She could very easily have taken a seat. Indeed to onlookers it must've looked very strange that she ignored the seat that the back of her leg was almost touching and that she instead preferred to stay standing up almost squashed against an unknown fellow passenger.

The very second that the train doors re-closed I instantly eased my left hand outwards again, trying to "re-find" and feel for the contact (of course without physically looking down). I was bolder at this point because I was now confident of her keenness and complicity. Thankfully my suspicions were immediately proven right because she, at precisely the same moment, instantly pushed forward her crotch, clearly also seeking to re-establish the delicious contact. It was electric! Now we were both fully into and committed to this quick groping encounter.

I can't even put into words the strength of the adrenaline rush I experienced over the next two, all-too-brief, minutes of absolute bliss as the train sped through the tunnel towards the next station, which would be where I'd leave the train because it was the busiest station around so the train would thereafter be too empty for chikan shenanigans.

We both increased the pressure of the contact until, as we felt the train's brakes kick in as we approached the next station, we were both literally straining as forcefully as we possibly could against each other. It was absolutely amazing. The back of my hand and her pussy were locked together and pushing almost aggressively. At one point I wondered whether I was pushing so hard that she'd lose her balance!

As the train entered the next station, I was still subtly rubbing the back of my left hand VERY forcefully back & forth across her pussy (obviously over the material of her school-uniform skirt). Also her legs were a bit open while she was grinding her crotch into the back of my hand. It was all intensely thrilling and arousing - I'm sure for her too!

If only there'd been a delay that had forced our train to be held in the tunnel for a few minutes, which is what used to happen frequently back in the day.

As the train had slowed down approaching my station we held our ground and totally ignored the people pushing past us, even though the polite thing to do would've been to shift our bodies to make room, as Tube etiquette dictates. And by the time the doors actually opened we were both so lost in the whole horny experience that some passengers were clearly irritated as they tried to ease past.

But neither of us had wanted to break the spell, ie end the beautiful, discreet contact. It was honestly as if we were both simultaneously thinking: "This gorgeous sexual encounter will sadly end in a few seconds. So fuck it, let's keep the rubbing going for as long as we possibly can despite getting in everyone's way." It was a magical moment.

Anyway, we maintained our hand-to-crotch contact for as long as we could, indeed even for a split second after the doors were fully open! One irate woman even muttered to us, in an annoyed tone as she forced her way past us: "Erm, EXCUSE me!" She glared at us in a disapproving manner as she spoke. To me it was almost as if the annoyed passenger was actually saying: "Erm, I dunno what the hell you two bozos think you're up to, but either get a room or get outta people's way!"

So yes we eked out this groping encounter for as long as we humanly could. After the doors had been open for about two seconds (a long time if you think about it) we just HAD to break the forceful contact so I prized the back of my hand away from her pussy-front and got off the train.

I'm not imagining this, she actually looked sad when it ended. As I stepped off the train I looked back and saw her reluctantly taking a seat on the now practically empty carriage.

Amazing experience!

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