Concert chikaning

From reading the amazing stuff on this board over the past few weeks it's clear that chikaning at concerts is incredibly common - and successful too! I have a question! How do you guys manage to blend in well with the younger audience? I'd love to dabble in this, but doesn't a grown older man stand out like a sore thumb at teen concerts? Don't people there stare at you and make you feel uncomfortable?

Some of you have mentioned that these teens are sometimes with their parents. Well in my (admittedly limited) experience of trying the frot thing on public transport I've often had my beady eye on a a hot teen who's perhaps dressed in super-tight jeans that deliberately accentuate her buttocks. But then I've instantly also sensed her parents being naturally protective and watchful over her, by staring me out or perhaps by pointedly moving to stand between me and their sexy offspring. This happens quite frequently, so I'm guessing it also happens at concerts when parents are present.

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