Festival Slut (video)

Couple months back, I went to this big outdoor festival, many stages & type of artists. Anyway, I make with my way to this stage where a hip hop rapper is about to play. Place is already full. I saw this girl with a friend. Dressed with a one piece like top with pantyhose(?), with the bottom give her a wedgie. She went by fast by me, I tried to follow them but its type of crowd that lets girls move in front but not the guys. I kept an eye on her. As they have many mosh-pit, I slowly make my way behind her. Now I finally get to work. i can't believe the view. Her dress make her ass check spread naturally, so you can see between her asscrack. She was dancing on my dick for a while. Even got my dick between her soft cheeks. But I have to keep an eye on her friend, I don't want to get caught.

However, I couldn't push it. You see, we were not in front of the barricade, but on the side barricade. Its the type of setup where the crowd is separated in two crowds (I hate those) so security can move in the middle. So you can't just ¨hide¨ behind a target cuz security can see you from your side view if you are on the side barricade. So I stay on her as long as I could. Her ass was too good not to try.

Here's a video if you want to see : https://xhamster.com/videos/concert-22-encoxada-grinding-groping-arrimon-12172280

I can add you as friend to view the video (friends only) if you are not of my friends list. Just giving a link to your xhamster account.

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